Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Trg Republike


iBlowfish 4:35 AM  

I really like the scene in this photo. Which you captured when the dog glimpsed to the women who just walked passing it.

Jilly 6:29 PM  

Is the dog a stray or does he belong to the woman?

I posted a dog on Menton DP today.

Serb in Oxford 6:51 PM  

The dog is thinking. "Is that women walking with her coat on back to front and her head twisted around"

dave 7:47 PM  

i think the dog is thinking "internet access is nice, but i need some takeaway sumatra"

BgDailyPic 9:37 PM  

iblowfish: Thanks!

Jilly: I was under the impression it's a stray dog. :(

Serb in Oxford: Ha! I know, I had to look twice at the woman's pose to make sense of it. Don't know why she had her hand behind her back like that, can't say a noticed it when I snapped the picture.

Dave: Sumatra will never overtake the tyranny of Nescafe.

Dan 2:37 PM  

You framed this scene perfectly. The muted background colors and the position of the woman and dog focus my attention on them right away.

Hyde DP 12:24 AM  

Lovely picture - mine today is a puzzle.

WebOJ 8:56 AM  

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