Thursday, January 31, 2008

Kalenic Market

At Kalenic, a large outdoor market in Belgrade


Adrienne 6:54 PM  

This turned out very nice! I took an identical photo from another angle, right as that guy was lighting his cigarette, but my shot was out of focus. Boo Hoo. :)

Belgrade Daily Photo 6:59 PM  

I know, I had some other "almost-theres" too. JEB*censored*! ;)

Fénix - Bostonscapes 3:00 AM  

One of those would make a great dinner "à la provençal."

Heck, even just grilled and sprinkled with lemon! :)

francoise 8:08 AM  

I like your pictures. I'm living in Belgrade for about 6 months and I try to find where you take the pictures (some are easy :). I try also to take some pictures like you and last week I took pictures from kalenic market, also from fish stand, it's miss the smell!

Belgrade Daily Photo 11:11 AM  

Francoise- Start a blog! :) Do you put your pictures online anywhere? I'd love to see them.

Fenix- I personally don't like fish but I'm sure that they make a good meal for people who do! :)

Cuentos 8:19 PM  

That is a very good capture and a fantastic image. I like it very much.
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