Tuesday, January 15, 2008

On a street near Kalemegdan

On the advice given atA Walk Through Durham Township I've started working with my pictures in 16-bit versus 8-bit files and I think it's made a nice difference with their color and depth. If you take your pictures in RAW and you keep them in 8-bit from start to finish, you should try 16-bit and see if you like the difference.


Anonymous 3:49 AM  

You need to get a fluid template.

Pat 6:18 AM  

I got a new template yesterday so know what you are going through. Nice pic!


Guelph Daily Photo, Pat's Photo-a-Day

BgDailyPic 11:34 AM  

Hi Clarice,
Thanks for the suggestion. I want to start posting bigger photos, 1 per page, like most "traditional" photo blogs (for examples look at any of the top 20 at http://www.coolphotos.com). Most of my pictures will have a width of 700px so I think that having the columns fixed (not fluid) will work. I can't find a blogger template to do what I want so I've been tweaking the Minima template myself...I just need to get the right column a little wider...if you know of any templates that fit my description let me know...:)

Sailor Girl 12:43 PM  

Nice shot!

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