Thursday, January 03, 2008

Outside of the National Library


serbinoxford 7:32 PM  

Is he talking to a weird Vampire.
You can see the shadow but not them.

BgDailyPic 7:41 PM  

She's standing in front of him...I have another picture that shows the two of them that I'll post tomorrow. :)

Dan 12:09 AM  

fantastic pic today. I really love the shadows and the gift of an unexpected shadow on the wall. Great job!

slim 2:32 AM  

Love the trick shadow . . . and I really like libraries . . . you've got a winner here.

Ioanna 11:43 PM  

Amazing shot!

The T in D & T 11:38 PM  

very nice photo. A bit creepy but very interesting angle

Igor Ursić Paja 10:57 AM  

Absolutely fantastic photograph.

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