Thursday, March 13, 2008

And now for something completely different

My brother's dog


Anonymous 11:44 AM  

That dog looks so humiliated. Poor dog.

lynn 11:51 AM  

LOL !! Ah what a sad little face he's got, oh dear i do hope he isn't.

Belgrade Daily Photo 12:54 PM  

Haha, yes, he hated the hat, and only had it on for about two seconds according to my brother (who took the picture, not me!).

Lessie 4:23 PM  

Look at this precious guy! Is he a Boston Terrier? I love him. His birthday?

Uma por Dia 10:04 PM  

LOL. Poor dog!

Jana 11:08 PM  

LOL That is how my dog looks when the kids put doll clothes on him. Great photo!

SerbinOxford 6:51 PM  

He's thinking "Nema! not the dress as well"

Jim 10:47 PM  

He looks cute.

Belgrade Daily Photo 5:45 AM  

He's a french bulldog. And I don't think he suffered any long-term psychological damage from having a cardboard hat on his head for those two long seconds. :)

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