Sunday, May 18, 2008

Golija Mountain

This weekend I went to the beautiful Golija Mountain in southwestern Serbia. Unfortunately I didn't have my usual camera with me, for reasons I won't admit bore you with, just a small point-and-shoot. :(
In this top picture you can see a GIANT ANTHILL which is built entirely from pine needles. These ants secrete a kind of acidic substance which is said to have healing properties especially when inhaled (for the treatment of asthma, etc). I was encouraged to press both of my hands onto a swarm of ants (seriously!) and can I just say, those suckers sting! But they say they don't bite, it's merely that healing acid I felt. Hm...

Views. VIEWS! Here's a picture out of the front of our bus when we were descending the mountain earlier today.

More pics to come...


Bibi 7:08 AM  

Super interesting! Never had heard about these anthills. And at first glance, it looks like you're looking over a pilot's shoulder, not a bus driver's!! - The Photoblogging ResourceView My Profilecoolphotoblogs.commy profileVFXY PhotosAdd to Technorati Favoritesphotoblog-community Photography Art Blogs - Blog Catalog Blog Directory

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