Saturday, September 27, 2008

On Terazije


Anonymous 2:18 AM  

Way to capture the reflection !! Thank you for giving up your time for our enjoyment.

B from Canada

Tash 6:18 AM  

B from Canada said it well! Odlicana fotografija. All of it works so well, the girl, the reflection, the colors.

Belgrade Daily Photo 6:21 AM  

Thank you both, so much. I enjoy taking pics and sharing them, so as they say, the pleasure is mine!

Bibi 8:13 AM  

Beautiful photo!!! I've been sick with a cold so, I haven't gone out much this weekend, but actually will pass by this spot today on the way to a friend's place!

JM 2:55 PM  

Great reflection on a street scene!

babooshka 9:21 PM  

I love that curved reflection. Well taken and timed image.

elsa 8:23 AM  

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