Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Tasmajdan Park

This is a new (circa 2007) statue in Tasmajdan park, of Serbian poet Desanka Maksimović.


Bibi 10:26 AM  

Hey! I posted a statue today, too! And I have another one (different) of Desanka Maksimovic that I plan on posting later. I'll link it to yours when I do.

ritalounge 12:52 PM  

Intresting, I like the composition of the photo.

Lori 9:39 PM  

cool! i like how to stepping stones alternate...

babooshka 2:04 AM  

It looks older than 2007. Nicley taken.

Tash 9:40 AM  

Desanka M. is my mom's favorite poet. We have a 4 booklet set that is more than 50 years old now.

vero 12:30 PM  

good photo, I like it.

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