Wednesday, October 08, 2008

ABC Wednesday: L is for Long Lens

I'm going to jump aboard ABC Wednesdays. This is my post for L: people walking near the river as seen from Stari Most (the Old Bridge). I zoomed in on them with a Long Lens -- 200mm to be exact.

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elleen b 4:10 PM  

Very creative L post and how nice to have that lens :0)

babooshka 4:37 PM  

My favoutie lens. Ingenious use of the letter and a wondeful long shot.

Lily Hydrangea 4:52 PM  

interesting shot for today!
I just started abc wednesdays too.

Bibi 6:48 PM  

Good L post! I like the 200mm, too.

Liz 7:06 PM  

THat is a very atmospheric photo.

WElcome to ABC!

Bear Naked 7:16 PM  

Lovely photo taken with your Long Lens.
Welcome to ABC Wednesday.

Bear((( )))

photowannabe 8:43 PM  

Welcome to ABC Wednesday. Great use of the letter L.
You have an interesting blog.

Dusty Lens 10:06 PM  

You have a crystal clear Long Lens photo!

Digital Polaroids 11:03 PM  

SUPER LENS! I wish I had one like taht too!

earthlingorgeous 11:37 PM  

I wish to have that kind of camera too someday. All I use for the moment is my camera phone since my digicam broke.

dulce 12:15 AM  

That's what I need: a Long Lens !!!
:-)) Good shot!

Rebeckah 12:29 AM  

Long lense! Brilliant! Great L picture! I can't wait to look around. I love picture blogs.

Neva 2:58 AM  

I love your long lens!!1

AphotoAday 4:09 AM  

Interesting seeing your part of the world...
I've got a 200mm also (70-200 zoom), and find myself shoting at the full 200 much of the time.

me ann my camera 4:11 AM  

Yours is an interesting take on 'L' as is your zoom lens photo also. what would we do without those handy long lenses! Thank you for your visit to mine and your comments.

Marcel 6:44 AM  

Nice zoom!

Anonymous 5:25 PM  

Yes that IS very creative - I'd love to have that kind of camera - maybe someday!

Webradio 9:00 PM  

Nice zoom, but why Lens ???

Belgrade Daily Photo 10:15 PM  

Webradio: a "long lens" is a lens where the focal length is longer than 50mm.

Katney 7:34 AM  

I love my zoom lens.

Kim from Hiraeth 3:21 PM  

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