Thursday, October 02, 2008

Nikola Pasic Square yesterday

Me: Wouldn't it be nice to put a couple of these in the hall for autumn decoration?
Neighbor: Oh look, the kind neighbor is offering free vegetables *takes them*.


tr3nta 7:21 PM  

WOW... this is a beautiful shot... I love life scenes...

Sharon 8:36 PM  

This is a beautiful shot. All those fall colors and that flash of red from the woman's jacket. Very nice!

Tanya 8:53 PM  

Lovely colors :)

Mary Stebbins Taitt 9:20 PM  

WOW! What a very cool photo! I LOVE this!!!! Beautiful!

Humma Kavula 9:26 PM  

Good shot, that's a proper market

Daryl 9:27 PM  

Oh its so getting to be fall when you see gourds on sale ...

Thanks for visiting NYC and me!


Hope 9:55 PM  

What a bountiful harvest...a wonderful photo for Autumn. I also love all the colors. This photo caught my eye from the portal...I'm glad I paid your blog a visit!

Bergson 10:53 PM  

As the man I would take one orange and to please madam I would take both.

That colors !!

JM 12:34 AM  

Beautiful display! Love all those small colorful pumpkins! (they are pumpkins, aren't they?...)

Bibi 11:14 AM  

Agree with the others! I took some photos like this the other day, and will post something from the Plant and Flower Fair very soon.

I bought some gourds, too.

vero 9:05 PM  

Beautiful photo and lovely colours

jill 8:28 AM  

How lovely, all the shapes and colors. very nice photo.

Lynette 5:37 AM  

What a great photo--the colors, the composition, the perspective. Nice job.

crittoria 5:04 PM  

Those are just darling little gourds!

IamMBB 11:59 PM  

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