Monday, November 03, 2008

At Belgrade Zoo a.k.a. Good Hope Garden

Mother and daughter


Antonia 9:20 PM  

wow - it looks to dangerously! I hope you have a telephotolens! Wonderful capture. Cheers!

Tanya 10:20 PM  

Aren't they cute?! It's hard to believe that they can be really mean!

Sterl the Pearl's Daily Pics of Boulder 10:40 PM  

Good pic! She looks like she might need to do a bit of flossing and brushing....:)

Greg Dimitriadis 12:06 AM  

Great photo. I know they're supposed to be vegetarians but I wouldn't want to look at that mouth from any closer than this...

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Kitty 3:36 AM  

love this. This photo came out so clearly, I can almost feel the water.


Bibi 10:04 AM  

I remember the baby when it was "little." Do you know that hippos are responsible for more human deaths in Africa than any other animal there? I think it's because they upset river crafts...

MurciaDailyPhoto and 3:54 PM  

I think that what happens is that it wants to sleep. It is not a yawn? ;)

Belgrade Daily Photo 8:14 PM  

Haha, yes, quite a yawn! But the real reason she opened her mouth like that was because she wanted food! Dogs aren't the only animals who can learn to beg...

Bibi, I remember seeing a documentary that showed the "darker" side of hippos so I can't say I'm surprised by that fact!

photowannabe 8:35 PM  

A gross, totally fascinating mouth. I think he needs a bit of dental work...

Mame 2:26 AM  

I wonder how big that tongue would be all stretched out. I love the bright orange reflection in the water - makes the shot for me and also says, "autumn light." - The Photoblogging ResourceView My Profilecoolphotoblogs.commy profileVFXY PhotosAdd to Technorati Favoritesphotoblog-community Photography Art Blogs - Blog Catalog Blog Directory

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