Sunday, November 09, 2008

Doggie bakery

It was so sweet how this dog was waiting for its owner outside of the bakery. He probably wasn't in the most convenient spot for the other patrons, though. :)


Mame 2:22 AM  

Good dog! he knows to stay outside and doesn't have to be tied up with a leash. I'll take a half dozen of those eclairs, please.

Rambling Round 4:40 AM  

Haha. I see he has one foot almost in the door!

Suz Broughton 7:10 AM  

I know exactly how her feels *)
What a good boy.
Love this picture!

Webradio 11:18 AM  

Poor dog ! If it is hungry, it breaks the glass...
Have a good day !

Professor Balthazar 2:29 PM  

Yum Yum

Jilly 6:21 PM  

Great dog. So well trained. Oh and look at those cakes...

You've really caught his intensity in waiting for his owner.

Belgrade Daily Photo 7:40 PM  

Rambling Round-- ha, you're right, he has one paw tentatively placed on the step....

Tash 4:45 AM  

Looks like our golden Amy - but she is not so well behaved!
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