Wednesday, December 10, 2008

ABC Wednesday - U for Umbrella

I was going to submit 'U is for Upside Down' but then I was getting a headache looking at the picture (of a dog rolling on it's back). So instead I defaulted to U is for Umbrella. The motion blur in this picture is from panning, in-camera, not Photoshop.

ABC Wednesdays


Bibi 4:47 PM  

Lovely photo! For another umbrella, drop by... Again, coincidences rule.

Fio 7:21 PM  

Great shot!
Very interesting blog, I like it :)

JM 7:21 PM  

Beautiful composition! I love this photo!

nonizamboni 8:44 PM  

Wonderful photo! Nice work making the umbrella the focus.
Happy Wednesday!

richies 10:43 PM  

I like the way this photo seems to transport you to the moment in time. Very nice.

An Arkie's Musings

babooshka 11:38 PM  

This reminds me of an old album cover but I can't think which one. Very classy shot.

Suz Broughton 7:58 AM  

Great mood in this picture. Love it.

Bear Naked 5:01 AM  

Didn't really notice the umbrella because all I could see were those wonderful red boots.

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