Monday, December 29, 2008

Dizdar Tower and Despot Gate

A photo of medieval-era Dizdar Tower and Despot Gate at Kalemegdan Park, Belgrade, Serbia

This is a path leading to Dizdar Tower and Despot Gate at the Kalemegdan Fortress. According to the history books, they were both built in the 15th century. Dizdar Tower currently houses an observatory which is open to the public on weekends. (This picture is from a few weeks ago.)

We're having a bit of a cold snap here. I did get out to take some pictures today and by the time I put my camera away my fingers were numb, even with gloves on. You know what I'd like to get one day? A pair of photo gloves like these from LowePro. The main difference between these and regular gloves is they have rubber dots on them to help grip your camera. I image they probably sell these at hardware stores for people working construction out in the cold, or just where hand protection is needed but where it's also important to have a good grip. I've almost dropped my camera a few times from holding it with gloves on! Not good.


Bibi 7:23 PM  

Beautiful shot! I've always loved this place in Kalemegdan. ---As for the gloves, I know what you mean...I think the gloves from the hardware store would do just as well, but they're kind of clunky...but cheaper for sure. I've had a couple of heart-stopping moments myself; my motto is, "Always put the camera strap around your neck when photographing with cold fingers or over a terrace or bridge!"

Gresham Photo Blog 7:30 PM  

Wow, this is beautiful. Like something out of an old mythology tale!

Lessie 7:38 PM  

I love this photo. The path, the sky, the amazing building. Great job.

Tanya 8:00 PM  

Gorgeous! Like a fairy tale :)

Clueless in boston 9:58 PM  

Beautiful. I love the sky in the background. Don't drop your camera, they don't like that and may get cranky ;-)

mkhansen 10:26 PM  

Oh, that path looks inviting! Have to get through the golden gate before the storm comes.... You do a nice job of telling stories with many of your photos. Keep warm!

Steve Buser 11:25 PM  

I love the mood of this shot. Your capture of the clouds really adds to the castle. The shadows over the pathway start the mood going and lead right to the center theme.

Zsolt72 11:25 PM  

my god! this photo is very pro!

Maki 12:49 AM  

Love the shot. The sky is incredible. The sunshine on the entrance while other parts are shaded are just so amazing. Awsome capture!


Keep a grip on that camera... love visiting your blog daily :o)

Joan 1:21 AM  

Beautiful. The sky is so dramatic.

Neva 1:59 AM  

What a great shot...looks like a 15th century kind of a place!!

Squishy 8:48 AM  

Nice pic. :) And I actually saw almost those exact same gloves @ Lowe's for like $10 the other day. :P

Anonymous 9:45 AM  

Superb photograph.

Shantaram 11:54 AM  

Wow - that's an awesome picture!!

Marie-Noyale 2:05 PM  

I love those dark "busy" clouds.
Excellent choice to show the tower, the view must be awesome!!
I could have used those gloves yesterday,too...

Anonymous 5:37 PM  

Great pic of an interesting subject.
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