Sunday, December 07, 2008

My Misty Dawn

I've posted a few photos of this neighborhood cat in my blog over the last year+.
I guess you could say she's my Misty Dawn ;)

Camera Critters Meme


Gretchen 9:03 PM  

She's a beautiful cat! She looks like my cats Muffin and Peanut who are waiting at the Rainbow Bridge for me.

Dan 9:04 PM  

What a great POV on this pic. That looks like a 6 foot tall kitty!

i beati 9:18 PM  

very sweet and resembles her..Sandy

Belgrade Daily Photo 9:24 PM  

Thanks JM, in reality she is a little slip of a thing.

AppleDebbie 1:08 AM  

She's gorgeous! Her eyes are such a beautiful shade of blue...

Tash 7:26 AM  

Nice photo! cats are tough to capture well.

babooshka 3:19 PM  

She's really posing for you, best side too.

Cathy 6:45 AM  

Love the angle. I almost feel as though I could reach out and touch her!

magiceye 12:18 PM  

this is a superb capture!

Anonymous 6:52 AM  

She has very beautiful eyes. Nicely photographed.

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