Monday, December 15, 2008

Sorry cat-haters

It's another cat pic


mkhansen 12:00 AM  

The cats make it beautiful.

I'm really enjoying your blog. Thanks.

Anonymous 5:39 AM  

What gorgeous kitties. Are they feral?
You take great pics and I've enjoyed looking over your blog. I'll be back.

Bibi 6:47 AM  

Hi! I'm down here in Greece until Wednesday and have taken photos of lots of cats! They're EVERYWHERE. Must post one...

babooshka 3:23 PM  

Three's company in this case. Are there many cats here then?

Belgrade Daily Photo 3:36 PM  

In Belgrade there are a lot of feral cats, it seems like most apartment building courtyards have at least a family or two.

angela 9:26 AM  

They're excellent at keeping down the vermin. These guys look fairly well fed. I hope someone looks after them..

vnv4 4:08 AM  

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