Saturday, January 03, 2009

Crows at Kalemegdan Park - Camera Critters

I originally posted a different photo today but then I remembered Saturday is the day for the Camera Critters meme, so here's my entry for that. Crows!

Camera Critters


i beati 8:14 PM  

feel the slant of the incline Good sandy

Bibi 9:20 PM  

Looks like we both posted bird-related photos today! These crows dive-bomb my poor dog....but I like your photo and how you did the background to emphasize the birds.

As for your comment on pigeons and frostbite, I was curious, so I looked at this link and got a few answers:

I learn something new every day!

Teena in Toronto 9:22 PM  

Cool angle!

I played too :)

ViennaDaily 9:43 PM  

That one in the middle is eyeing you out! great dof too! Happy weekend!

babooshka 11:51 PM  

So many togehter I usually get just one. Great shot.

Anonymous 12:13 AM  

Cool crows and check out the weird angles on those trees! Extra cool.

Mimi 1:55 AM  

They look so serious, like they are doing very important work!

Here's wishing you a wonderful 2009!

Grammy 5:06 AM  

Great photo. It looks like they are not all black is that the light or them?

Anonymous 7:06 AM  

I stumbled across your blog today and I love it. I'm looking at all your older posts and you take amazing shots. I am also from Serbia (Vrsac to be exact) but have family in Beograd also. However, I now live in NY..seeing these pictures make me home sick! I will continue to visit, take care.

June 1:42 PM  

I've never seen crows that looked like this...much prettier than ours!

KC 5:38 PM  

great shot.

Karen 9:07 PM  

I like the angle. Nice photo !

Misty Dawn 1:35 PM  

This is a truly awesome photo! The colors are vibrant, and the angle of the shot is wonderful!

Marie-Noyale 9:43 PM  

I had never seen bi colors crows!
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