Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Snug as a bug

This kitten was observing sidewalk traffic from the shelter of the tiny bit of space between two buildings.


Lauriane 12:09 PM  

All your pictures are very beautiful! Congratulation!! =)

Greyscale Territory 12:31 PM  

So cute and waif-like! This photo reaches deep into the heart! Beautiful!

Nancy 1:24 PM  

You were at the right place at the right time to get such an amazing shot. Sweet petit chat....

brattcat 1:47 PM  

Fantastic photo. Congratulations.

MrMey 8:27 PM  

Beautiful scene.
Great colours and sharpness... and this cat. Well done :)

Ken Mac 8:57 PM  


Tricia 12:07 AM  

He/she's a cuuutie! Love those eyes - Great shot!

Babooshka 2:02 AM  

This is just perfect. The expression is so intense, the composition is ideal.

Rob (Inukshuk Adventure) 2:28 AM  

Oh such a cute kitty.
Love the way it's looking right at you, quite intently.

Ken Mac 4:43 PM  

what camera and lens are you using if I may ask?

Saretta 6:33 PM  

What a beauty! Both the photo and the kitty!

Belgrade Daily Photo 7:38 PM  

Hi Ken,
I have a Nikon D50, and I use an 18-200mm zoom lens most of the time. :-)

Mary Stebbins Taitt 8:15 PM  

Cute kitty, nice capture/shot! :-D

Fhaye 2:43 PM  

Your photos are amazing specially this kitten.

texasdaisey 1:41 AM  

I love the reflection in the kitties eyes. I bet if you got closeup you could even see yourself closeup. Great detail.

vnv4 4:17 AM  

What a darling cat. I enjoy your photos. Nice, interesting blog.

Bruce 2:24 PM  

I can see the trust in their eyes. They know that you will not harm them. My human, Kevin, has this same trust...all cats come to him.

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