Sunday, February 01, 2009

A path in Tasmajdan Park - Monthly Theme Day

This was taken a few weeks ago, the snow has since gone.

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Denton 8:30 PM  

Wonderful photo. The path is unique and it adds depth to the photo.

Clueless in boston 8:45 PM  

I like the path. It really draws the eye into the photo.

Sterl the Pearl's Daily Pics of Boulder 9:09 PM  

The composition is beautiful!

Virginia 9:29 PM  

What an interesting foot path. This is a wonderful photo, so well composed!

JM 11:44 PM  

This is lovely! Wonderful choice!

Ken Mac 11:52 PM  

what a beautiful sidewalk...looks like a zipper. Excellent shot, nice perspective.

Anonymous 4:42 AM  

Great photo subject and perfectly composed. It sure does look like a zipper or a spin perhaps.

Jilly 7:13 AM  

How effective this is. I loved Ken Mac's remark - the path really does look like a zipper! Lovely shot and perfect for the Theme. Great composition.

Bibi 9:43 AM  

Zipper! Very good. Well-composed; like it!

Babooshka 11:00 AM  

It's wonderful just simple and effective. Elegant images.

Nathalie 11:04 AM  

There's a very graphic quality to your photo, I agree with Babooshka that it's very elegant too.

Emm 12:43 PM  

Another awesome photo. I really love your blog!

K M F 3:15 PM  

very nice photo

Saretta 6:23 PM  

Nice photo, really draws you into it! Interesting layout for the stepping stones.

Tash 4:19 AM  

What a wonderful path photo. The details and the whole composition is so pleasing and interesting.
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