Saturday, March 21, 2009

It was a bad day for trolleybuses

The street was more crowded than usual that day because there was a major problem with the trolleybus line and they all stopped running. Don't you love when that happens?


Tash 1:01 AM  

Hi - it's a real bummer when you've got a long way to walk in high heels. Otherwise, might be a nice way to get in some exercise. Good thing it's not too cold.

I really liked the texture overlay photo - really came out great. Is the lady wearing a "pelerina"? my mom loved to wear those in her younger days.

Anonymous 4:46 AM  

Oh what a pain. I hate it when transport goes down. Nice street pic though.

MrMey 7:22 PM  

Great street photo :)

Jacob 11:47 PM  

Bad day for trollybuses, but good day for you! Wonderful "slice of life."

Bibi 8:07 AM  

Like this slice of life, like Jacob. I usually take a bus from where I live, but it's a pain when any public transportation goes down.

Jacob 2:51 PM  

I understand, Bibi. But it is nice that you have the option of public transportation. With a few exceptions, such an option simply does not exist here.

All because back in the 1950s, President Eisenhower, et. al., decided to focus on interstate highways rather than railroads and other forms of mass transport.

Babooshka 2:58 PM  

A great street image captured due to lack of transport. A bonus for the veiwer if not for you.

Greyscale Territory 9:49 AM  

Love the various facial expressions you have captured here in the street! Fascinating!

Ken Mac 4:19 PM  

great candid shot. >Love the look on her face

photowannabe 7:52 PM  

From the look on peoples faces they aren't happy either.
This is a great candid shot.

magicpolaroid 9:51 AM  

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