Monday, April 06, 2009

Belgrade Zoo Orangutan

The sweet face of the orangutan at Belgrade Zoo


Bibi 12:27 PM  

I hadn't realized the Belgrade Zoo had an orangutan, but then,I haven't visited in ages. I love orangutans, especially the baby ones with all that orange hair.

Bibi 12:27 PM  
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Clueless in Boston 3:56 PM  

Very nice shot. I love the close cropped composition, which focuses attention on his cute face.

Ken Mac 6:21 PM  

what a sweetie!

Greyscale Territory 9:21 PM  

Amazing how such a big animal can look so soft and gentle! Great photo!

Jacob 12:08 AM  

So cute. My uncle Joe.

photowannabe 4:26 AM  

I feel I could just reach out and give him a hug. Great capture of personality.

Aleksandra 6:04 PM  

Hi,just stopping by to tell you that Ive got a small award at my blog for you(if you want it),no rules(I m an anarhist):O)
You see how and to whom (maybe not at all)you will give it.
this beauty on the photo is so sad,dont like them being in jail,but very nice shot thou.

prkl 8:31 PM  

Very nice photo but sad to see it incarcerated. Kinda sepiaphoto in colors. Great capture, in douple meaning.

Marie-Noyale 8:48 PM  

Is he or she just out of the beauty parlor?..
with a new strawberry blond color... nice for Easter!!!!

Lessie 9:40 PM  

Sweet is right. Beautiful face. Hope she is content.

Greg Dimitriadis 9:55 PM  

Great photo! His face is so expressive...

Jupp 2:43 PM  

Great photo . Great Blog. Congratulations

Louis la Vache 4:28 AM  

For a moment «Louis» thought his former father-in-law was at long-last where he belongs: behind bars...

Glennis 3:07 AM  

Now that is a big contented happy face.

ical 9:53 AM  

Wow a big and nice orangutan. I never thought Belgrade has this far-east animal.

Bergson 7:11 PM  

Help !!!

prashant 8:01 AM  

Great capture, in douple meaning.

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Tim 8:54 PM  

Great photo! And a wonderful smiling face that seems to welcome one and all. :)

vnv4 5:03 AM  

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