Thursday, April 02, 2009

A moment of suspense :-)


photowannabe 8:40 PM  

This picture really makes me wonder what happened next. Excellent shot.

Greg Dimitriadis 9:52 PM  

I am with the cat!

ANNA-LYS 11:18 PM  

Looks like my old dog. But, she could not speak Serbian :-D

Jacob 12:59 AM  

Must be stalking something (or someone!)

Bibi 7:59 AM  

Agree with Photowannabe... I've seen many a dog in this pose!

Glad you're back.

Belgrade Daily Photo 9:44 AM  

What happened next? Right after I took this photo, the dog noticed me and came running over, tail wagging wildly, and even flopped down on the sidewalk for a belly rub. After that he ran off without a second thought for the cat, apparently.

Greyscale Territory 11:07 AM  

Love the cat tucked away in the fork of the tree when the first focus seems to centre on the dog frozen mid action! Great shot!

Maki 12:56 PM  

Good shot... love the suspence.

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