Saturday, April 04, 2009

Outside of the Yugoslav Drama Theater


Jacob 1:46 AM  

Great photo of people doing something I wouldn't do in a million years!

Aleksandra 2:10 AM  

Wow,another brilliant piece,love it and in the name of.....Yugoslav.
I miss my country.Thank you for this wonderful shot,Sandra

Bibi 11:11 AM  

They look like what I am doing today---cleaning. I wish I had them to drop by to do the outside of my blinds (roletne) on my terrace. Nice shot!!

Walker 7:05 PM  

Great capture.

Fio 8:56 PM  


Greyscale Territory 9:17 PM  

Women do this job??? Brave, crazy souls! They look like trapeze artists! And the classical arty background seems to make the whole photo a very avant garde artwork! Where old art worlds meet new!

magicpolaroid 2:27 PM  

great instant photo! like the theatre name

Marie-Noyale 8:46 PM  

Fun place to chat!!

Lessie 9:41 PM  

Love it. Love the figures outside -- and in.

prashant 8:01 AM  

Thank you for this wonderful shot

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New York City Personal injury lawyer 9:37 PM  

Nice shot. Where were you when you took the photo?

Posao kod kuce 2:19 AM  

Da ne bi ste radili ovakve poslove posetite sajt Posao kod kuce i pokrenite sopstveni biznis.

Brian Cailsey 8:17 PM  

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