Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Out for a walk near the main train station

Kind of headache inducing zoom-blur
but the dogs are cute!


Strangetastes 3:46 AM  

No, the zoom blur makes the picture! This is a very good photo - great perspective drawing the eye in, simple and appealing subject - three dogs out for a walk - with a creative spin. Good work.

BrusselsDailyPhotoByGregous 11:55 AM  

I really like this picture, it is silk and eye catching. Love it.

BgDailyPic 11:16 AM  

Strangetastes: Thanks so much for your thoughtful feedback!

BrusselsbyGregous: Thank you, too!

Hyderabad Daily Photo 9:59 PM  

It is a nice picture, especially for dog lovers like me. I cant see a leash. Do you have a leash law there?

WebOJ 7:24 AM  

The zoom blur made the photo great. Those doggies seem to be well behaved.

BgDailyPic 2:30 PM  

Hyderabad Daily: Thank you. If there is a leash law, it's not enforced.

Weboj: I know! I am surprised how well-behaved many dogs are here when they aren't on a leash. Once I saw a woman walking a group of four dogs down a busy street, none of the dogs on leashes, and there were no problems (that I saw!).

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