Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Sort of Blue for City Photo Theme Day

I liked how the car matches the curtains


Clueless in boston 3:43 AM  

Nice catch. I wonder if they coordinated the colors on purpose, or if it was coincidental.

Lavenderlady 4:42 AM  

Well, I'd call it a blue-green. Good find.

BrusselsDailyPhotoByGregous 10:42 AM  

indeed the curtains & car are spot on !

BgDailyPic 11:14 AM  

Clueless in Boston: It's hard to say, I tend to think it's accidental because that was on an extremely busy street and parking is very hard to find in that part of town, also as far as I know you can't reserve parking spaces there. So either the owner of the house and car loves that color and got lucky in having a space in front of his/her house that day, or it was a coincidence that someone with that color car parked there. I'll have to keep an eyes out and see if it's there any other time.

Lavenderlady: I'd say blue-green, too! :)

BrusselsbyGregous: Yup! :-)

Olivier 12:54 PM  

bon choix, avec ce bleu délavé de la voiture

Good choice, with the blue washed the car

joy 5:45 PM  

That is true. I wonder if they did that on purpose :)

maria elisa 8:58 PM  

i like too...


Neva 2:29 AM  

I Love how the car matches the curtains as well.. what a hoot!

Ann (MobayDP) 5:30 AM  

ooooh the curtains in the window matches the colour of the car! cool!

R&R in The Netherlands 10:06 AM  

good catch on the color match!

lynn 4:24 PM  

That car's an unusual shade of blue, i like it a lot.

Hyderabad Daily Photo 9:56 PM  

oh yeah, indeed they match. Good catch. :) I came here from weboj's Q8 Kuwait.

WebOJ 7:22 AM  

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