Tuesday, November 27, 2007

White Palace

From April to November you can tour the home (once again since 2001) of the Royal Family of Serbia. At the end of this tree-lined road is the building called the White Palace. You can't take pictures inside but you can see some photos of the compound's buildings and interiors here if you like: http://www.royalfamily.org/palaces/index_eng.htm

*I uploaded some pictures to cover days I missed, so scroll down to see some more new pics*


Royalist Serb in Oxford 6:58 PM  

God Bless

Mo 8:44 PM  

Nice photo. WOuld love to see inside

Jackie 11:08 PM  

I really like this photo - and I love how the tops of the trees just don't quite meet and the gap between draws your eyes towards the house as much as the path does.

HoodPhotography 12:51 AM  

I have always wanted a driveway lined with trees like this one :)

Dan 1:02 AM  

Love the pic. The way the trees frame the house is wonderful. I bet this is a great spot in the springtime.

Jim 2:21 AM  

This is a great pic.

ro_pumpkin 2:49 AM  

i love this kind of pictures , with trees and perspective and something hidden in the background . nice .

Annie 5:08 AM  

The lane draws me to the palace, perfectly.

Hyde DP 6:13 PM  

thanks for tackling my Sunday Puzzle - the answer was actually a squirrel's tale

Anonymous 9:46 AM  

Congratulations on a splendid photo - it has a definite charm. I would love to have seen more of the Beli Dvor - it seems like a stunning place to visit & explore.

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