Saturday, April 19, 2008

Beautiful day today

Here are two pics from today:

Today was an amazing day for capturing reflections. Here you can see the Albanija Building. Sajkaca has written about this building in her excellent blog here.

In the picture below the sun is shining but it was still raining outside. Don't you love when that happens?


iBlowfish 10:58 PM  

I really like the first shot. And that is excellent reflection shot too.

Bibi 11:04 PM  

Hi from Bibi here in Belgrade. I really love the first photo especially, really, really nice. When it was raining, I was in a store when that happened, and when I went out, it was all over.

vero 10:17 AM  

Wow, first photo magnific, beautiful the effect of the building in the water!!

Kris McCracken 1:17 PM  

I agree with everyone here, wonderful image. And here I was all cynical thinking that you'd whipped the hose out to set that up. ;)

(It does look good enough to make you think that it was carefully planned!)

SerbinOxford 5:16 PM  

Nice water shot

MingKu 5:57 AM  

wonderful photos!

Zo 6:49 PM  

Great photos! Especially the one with the palace Albania reflection in the street puddle. Brilliant! - The Photoblogging ResourceView My Profilecoolphotoblogs.commy profileVFXY PhotosAdd to Technorati Favoritesphotoblog-community Photography Art Blogs - Blog Catalog Blog Directory

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