Sunday, April 20, 2008

A little pick me up

This little girl was freshening up her wreath.
For Lazarus Saturday (Vrbica in Serbian) children wear wreaths made from willow branches (and bells on ribbons, too-- if you look closely you can see she has one around her neck). It's part of the Orthodox Easter celebration.
A Yankee in Belgrade blogged about this holiday yesterday, with help from her dog Bibi, I'm sure. :)


Tanya 9:22 PM  

Precious picture

SerbinOxford 9:50 PM  

Good Work.
I don't think it would work over here though as its still freezing cold.

Mo 10:00 PM  

Looks like fun

Bibi 10:25 PM  

This is a lovely photo, and if you took it near the Skupstina Grada in the little park on Srpskih Vladara, I'm really going to think we often follow each other! I was just down there today, but in a car (without Bibi!), and I wanted so badly to get out and take a picture of those gorgeous tulips and the jets of water....

By the way, can you send me an email by clicking on the little envelope on my site and tell me how I go about linking your site to mine, and also posting some links to my favorite sites??? I'm new at this....

Kris McCracken 3:58 AM  

Really nice motion shot. My Henry would love that fountain. He tries to climb into every one that he sees (as evidenced by the picture that I posted yesterday).

babooshka 9:28 PM  

Still too cold for outdoor fountains here, so a very welcome lively shot.

Belgrade Daily Photo 10:54 AM  

Oh no, sorry to hear that. Hope it warms up a little bit sometime soon...

Hi Bibi, Yes, that's where I took that photo!

Thanks for your comments everyone. I saw that picture of Henry, Kris...very cute!

Chuck Pefley 5:34 PM  

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