Sunday, October 12, 2008


Trams came to a stop on Vojvode Stepe day before yesterday and this is why. A car caught between a tram and the metal railing meant to stop cars from parking on the sidewalk. Surprisingly, no one was hurt! (The driver was standing nearby).


Suz @ Alive in Wonderland 10:55 PM  

I love Daily Photo blogs and just found you through Sky Watch.
I post a picture daily on my blog, but it isn't always recent, it is always from Orange County, Ca., where I live.
Yours is one of the best I have seen, well done.

Kitty 1:25 AM  

whoa. You'd think the drivers would know about such hazards?!
I bet insurance doesn't pay for this. Eek.

Dusty Lens 3:57 AM  

He certainly learned the hard way of where not to park.

Bibi 9:22 AM  

Even as a driver I get so upset when cars park even temporarily in one lane of two-lane street in one direction, making it then a one-lane! And there's been a lot in local papers recently about improperly parked cars that block tram tracks. Unfortunate for this car, but he knew where he parked...

Per Stromsjo 10:17 AM  

A tram is a big thing to mess with. But even the tram will need a bit of repair, some paint at least. I wonder who's going to pay for that.

Webradio 12:23 PM  

Very crazy the car !

It was very small... What is "the mark" (volskwagen...) ?

JM 1:19 PM  

We also have trams in Lisbon and sometimes car parking is a big problem, specially because nowadays they just work at the older parts of the city where streets are narrower...

Belgrade Daily Photo 6:03 PM  

Webradio: the car is Yugo.

Mo 10:23 PM  

I can't believe that any one walked away from this car unhurt. Incredible! - The Photoblogging ResourceView My Profilecoolphotoblogs.commy profileVFXY PhotosAdd to Technorati Favoritesphotoblog-community Photography Art Blogs - Blog Catalog Blog Directory

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