Monday, October 13, 2008

Indian Summer Sky

The top floors of an apartment building in the old part of Belgrade
(the roof is level but my camera distorts it).
This is the side of the building not seen from the street.
The title I used today is also a song title...anyone know where from?


Mo 10:24 PM  

Lovely shot of rooftops again. Hope there are no precious jars there this time.

J. 11:45 PM  

A great photo. This is probably the first image ever of Belgrade I have ever seen (excluding those when I didn't realize that it was Belgrade in fact). It's shocking for me that buildings are in that poor conditions. Of course, I know a bit about the history, but still... Thanks for sharing!

Belgrade Daily Photo 12:08 AM  

I feel bad this is the first photo of Belgrade you've seen and probably not the best impression! But it's true the plaster falls away on older buildings and is not redone for some time. Sometimes they only re-plaster the side that faces the street leaving the back looking like this. Also sometimes apartment owners replace their windows and leave the outside looking unfinished.

Bibi 7:18 AM  

Lovely sky and revealing photo. I only know the French song by Joe Dassin, L'ete indien, and its English version. Is that the one?!

Belgrade Daily Photo 9:06 PM  

The song I had in mind was Indian Summer Sky by U2, from their album The Unforgettable Fire (1984). :-)

Webradio 9:23 PM  

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