Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Rostilj = Grill

A little fast food stop at 10pm in New Belgrade, near Studentski Grad.
(Studentski Grad means Student City where there is housing for about 5,000 Belgrade University students.)


Bibi 10:05 PM  

Yum. I love a good "rostilj." I think the students are studying, and these are their fathers!

Gwyn 2:04 AM  

It's nice that places stay open late for the University students. I'm curious to see what a "rostilj" looks like and even more so to try one.:)

Dusty Lens 3:53 PM  

This looks like a good place for a late night snack. Perfect for kids in college when studying.

Webradio 9:24 PM  

The night is nice, with a good place...

photowannabe 9:06 PM  

Its always good to find a place open late for a snack while studying. I'm sure the students keep the place busy.
What type of "fast food" can you get there to eat?

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