Friday, October 31, 2008

Park near Slavija again

This is the playground that you could just barely see in the distance in yesterday's photo, taken from the opposite side of the park. Usually it's crawling with children but at this particular hour it was just us pigeons.
Skywatch Friday


Louise 10:35 PM  

Beautiful skies! That is an awfully nice playground to be empty!

Belgrade Daily Photo 11:59 PM  

It wasn't empty for long!

Anonymous 1:23 AM  

To be a child again..... Beautiful clouds! Thank you, Branka from Canada

Klaus 3:21 AM  

Great capture! Wonderful skies!
Well done!
Cheers, Klaus

You might want to check out MyWorld Tuesday - seems to be ideal for you! :)

Petrea 3:35 AM  

The yellow things! Now I know.

Arija 1:12 PM  

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