Saturday, November 01, 2008

Monthly Theme Day - Books

School books for sale.
Naturally, I forgot to add myself to the official roster of participating blogs. I think you should be able to register on the day of the theme day, I don't understand why you can't. Oh well.


ft. lauderdale daily photo 3:09 PM  

Registered or not, this is a great shot for theme day!

Tanya 3:17 PM  

I like your photo, a unique way to capture the books! I've also forgotten to register before. I try to do it in the beginning of the month now :)

Belgrade Daily Photo 3:38 PM  

Thanks, yes, I've already registered for December!

slim 3:45 PM  

Great catch that I caught on the portal. Enjoy Theme Day!

lavenderlady 4:01 PM  

a traveling bookstore! Nice interpretation of the theme.

Kuanyin Moi 8:47 PM  

What an interesting place to display books for sale!

Anonymous 10:28 PM  

Welcome to the crowd. I forgot too. This is a neat way to display the books. I like it.

I forgot about this being a theme day about books so I found several of the ones I wrote more recently and photographed and posted them.

mirage2g 10:49 PM  

The rules changed, you should register at least 4 days before I think. Nevertheless you posted a very interesting photo!

This surely gives seller the space to seat down and the space to display the books! Brilliant! Happy theme day!

Mo 12:42 AM  

What a unique way to sell school books. Is it outside the school.

Belgrade Daily Photo 1:10 AM  

Yes it is near a school and a whole stretch of the street is actually full of cars (and vans) hawking books.

Antonia 9:23 PM  

Great capture!

Kitty 3:35 AM  

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