Monday, November 10, 2008

And I've got ANOTHER thing to say to you geese...


Webradio 7:51 PM  

This post is very pretty, with a nice photo...
I'm smiling...

See You later.

Lindab 10:03 PM  

What clean birds! The dark water shows off their snowy white feathers beautifully.

JM 11:06 PM  

I like this photo for a lot of reasons, especially concerning the colours. Great work!

photowannabe 2:14 AM  

You go girl...tell it like it really is......
Great shot.

Tash 4:50 AM  

Quack-quack-quack...or honk-honk-honk for a goose...
Oh, no - I've forgotten the Serbian equivalent - what DOES a goose and a duck say in Serbian?
I agree about it being a great shot - action, color & contrast all in one.
LOL on your Grand Theft Auto sunset - I'll have to tell my 13 yr old son about that one - my blog may finally impress him.

Mary Stebbins Taitt 5:17 AM  

Cute! Charming photo, nice color combination!

Bibi 7:55 AM  

Agree about the colors and clean fowl! When I was little, I had a pet duck just like the one in your photo.

babooshka 7:46 PM  

Love the depth of colour

vero 11:56 AM  

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