Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Beautiful Bridesmaids

Leaving St. Mark's church


Webradio 8:12 PM  

Hello !

Very pretty, yes, but not now this photo ??? It's too cold...

Have a good night !

Belgrade Daily Photo 8:13 PM  

Webradio I took this photo about two weeks ago...it's been warm here! Only today did it finally cool off a bit.

JM 8:27 PM  

The girl looking back has to be a model for sure!

Tash 1:41 AM  

One girl is prettier than the next! What a way to show off Beograd.

Clueless in boston 3:56 PM  

Are they coming from a regular church service or a wedding? T

The women of Belgrade could easily match the women of Paris or New York for style and beauty.

Belgrade Daily Photo 4:57 PM  

JM- She definitely looks like a model, if she isn't one, she should be.

Clueless in Boston- They were the bridesmaids in a wedding, they were leaving the church after a wedding ceremony.


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