Sunday, November 16, 2008

Birds at Kalenic Market

Here are some birds for sale at Kalenic, an open air market here in town.


Webradio 8:39 PM  

Excuse-me, I don't see birds...

Belgrade Daily Photo 8:47 PM  

The feathered creatures inside the cages...those are birds!

Webradio 11:50 PM  

Smile !
But the photo is too dark... Sorry...

Belgrade Daily Photo 2:01 AM  

The birds are backlit, however I can see them very well on two different computers. Perhaps your monitor is too dark? Or the two computers I looked at are too light? Sorry.

Bibi 10:27 AM  

I see birds! I hope their new owners give them bigger cages. Nice photo!

Mary Stebbins Taitt 2:03 PM  

What a lovely picture! I hope the birds all find good and loving homes and yes, bigger cages too!

Dan 1:34 PM  

Love the back lighting on this. You have done a great job on this photo.

Kitem 2:58 PM  

Hi, I've been leaving in Belgrade long time ago, I have fond memories of this beautiful city, I will come back oftenh to see your photographies.
The picture of the birds at Kalenic market is beautiful.

Suz Broughton 5:19 PM  

What an amazing picture.

tr3nta 7:16 PM  

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