Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Kalemegdan Park

I went to Kalemegdan Park to practice getting some lower-light shots using a *gasp* tripod. For some reason park security wanted to know if I was filming or merely snapping photographs. Hm...


Lindab 7:05 PM  

Security people do get very anxious when there's a camera around, don't they! I've discovered a new side to my city since I've been taking photos.

Tanya 8:58 PM  

Wow, that's just so beautiful! I also love that you captured the couple in the photo...funny about the security!

Webradio 12:09 AM  

What a cute story...

Your photo is very nice.

See You later !

Suz Broughton 2:44 AM  

Another magnificent photo...

Anonymous 5:11 AM  

Awsome lighting you captured...as always you can find "lover birds" in the park.
Thank you, Branka

Tash 6:12 AM  

great lighting & did you get the couple to pose for you - they are positioned perfectly to make the shot interesting... kind of has a 50's feel to it

Bibi 9:46 AM  

Nice shot. I have a Gorilla Pod that is very discreet; Google it to see. Most times security doesn't care, but I'm always surprised at people's reactions when they see a larger SLR---they think you're a professional, i.e. journalist, reporter... I was stopped from taking photos in Delta City...no comment. But when on occasion I borrow my son's smaller camera, which takes great photos, no one says a thing! I posted a similar photo of a couple waaaay in the corner of one lamp post in Kalemegdan, visible in a corner of your photo, here: http://yankee-in-belgrade.blogspot.com/2008/03/sunset-in-kalemegdan.html

Belgrade Daily Photo 1:13 PM  

Bibi- I replied by email.

Tash- No I didn't ask the couple to pose! There were several couples there enjoying the romantic sunset, no shortage of lovebirds there as Branka said. :)

babooshka 2:29 AM  

It's such a lovely romantic shot.

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