Sunday, November 23, 2008

Saint Mark's Church earlier tonight

This picture is blurry, it's distorted, but it's a little slice of life on the church steps.

Something extra: Can you see a difference between the squares labled 0 and 10? If not, your monitor's screen is too dark and needs adjusting. Similarly, if you can't see a difference between the squares labeled 95 and 100, your screen is too light.


Webradio 8:30 PM  

You make me laught Dear... Euh I don't know Your surname...

My monitor screen is GOOD !

You have a nice photo of the church...

See You later !

Vlada Jablanov 9:27 PM  

Nice light and composition.

JM 11:14 PM  

The architecture is amazing!

Wayne 2:40 AM  

Necking on the church steps. Take it where you can get I guess.

I passed monitor check with and white.

Bibi 11:18 AM  

Nice was really cold over the weekend, as seen by the folks' coats in your photo. My monitor's okay, too! - The Photoblogging ResourceView My Profilecoolphotoblogs.commy profileVFXY PhotosAdd to Technorati Favoritesphotoblog-community Photography Art Blogs - Blog Catalog Blog Directory

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