Monday, November 24, 2008

It's a bird, it's a plane,

it's Belgrade public transportation.
P.S. This was done by panning with a slow shutter speed (not Photoshop).


Bibi 6:17 PM  

Ooh, that is nice! Sometimes it does actually seem that the trams whiz by this fast, especially somehow if you're stranded in your car on the tracks in a line of other cars, and can't move forward or backward.

Belgrade Daily Photo 6:22 PM  

Haha, very true. I think the motion blur in the photo makes the tram look like it's moving faster than it actually was.

Belgrade Daily Photo 6:24 PM  

Oh I just realized I didn't read your comment closely enough. I hope you haven't found yourself in that situation often!

JM 8:22 PM  

That's a fantastic photo! Love the colours! Well done.

Tash 8:45 PM  

Excellent photo, extrordinary motion & the colors are amazing. Have you had to practice the perfect tracking technique?

Antonia 8:50 PM  

Belgrade has very artistic transportation! Cheers!

Belgrade Daily Photo 9:20 PM  

Thanks for the comments. Yes I did have to try this many times before I got a photo that had part of a tram in focus. Luckily I was standing on a street that has a lot of traffic and lots of trams and buses going by so I had plenty of opportunities to try.

Kasia K. 9:54 PM  

wow! it is flying!;)

Maki 3:47 AM  

Awsome technique! Looks like a fireball.

photowannabe 6:33 AM  

Blast off....great motion shot, especially with the red train being the focal point.

Vlada Jablanov 9:46 AM  

Ma sjajno....!!
Really awsome

Ackworth born 8:40 PM  

terrific shot - great manipulation

Webradio 12:23 PM  

Bizarre comme photo... C'est très surprenant, mais très joli !
Great shot !

Hyde DP 2:21 PM  

ah - a panned shot - sorry I think I misread an earlier comment - even better than I orginally thought then.

tr3nta 7:14 PM  

You've done a wonderful capture here... I love motion shots... :-)

Liv 9:15 AM  

Wow! Such a great photo! And one of my faves beacause of the tram ;0)
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