Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Two cats

It's been a while since I've posted a cat picture here. I took this through a fence which is why the image is dark on both sides, and I did take this very recently in spite of what the wildflowers might lead you to believe. :)


Suz Broughton 10:13 PM  

This is such an interesting photo. I like the blurred cat with the one that is a little cross-eyed.

Dan 10:56 PM  

Love the way you are playing with motion and slow shutter speeds in the several photos I looked at. Very nice touch!

Femin Susan 1:37 AM  

Hello……. !

Very cute all these pictures... Great…….
Welcome to my blog…….

Ken Mac 2:48 AM  

is that left kitty cross eyed! He's cute!

humanobserver 7:01 AM  

Your timing was just perfect......

Bibi 11:39 AM  

Crazy, isn't it, how our weather has changed? But then again, it's time. I posted a photo of petunias in Pancevo a couple of days ago, but I imagine they're all frozen now. Kitty on the right is begging for a home...

Webradio 12:24 PM  

Two are so pretty !

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