Friday, November 21, 2008

Near Slavija Circle tonight

After a gloomy, rainy day we had the most beautiful deep blue twilight.


Tash 2:16 AM  

Beautiful reflection & nice juxtaposition of old and new. Are the doggies stray & are being fed? I love the contrast of the geometric upper photo section and the evening street life below. (From your comment to Nathalie, do I gather that you are an SF gal?)

Bibi 8:29 AM  

I like the contrasts too, and the rectangles of light. Was wondering the same as Tash about the pups. There's a cutie downstairs, just begging me to come up, but I just can't have two dogs.

Belgrade Daily Photo 10:56 AM  

It is indeed a young lady with a group of stray dogs there. She only stopped for a few seconds, and I was far enough away that I couldn't tell if she was giving them food or just stopped to pet them (I did see her petting some of them). When I got closer to the dogs I tried to take a closer photo but then the smallest one of the group (who was pretty tiny) started sounding the alarm. I don't think he liked the look of my camera. :) I got a little nervous with this pack of excited dogs swarming around. Plus I've discovered that dogs go crazy for the click of my camera and seem to think I'm making clicking noises to call them and (presumably) give them food! Poor things. Every day I see a dog I'd like to take home but I can't take on the responsibility of a dog now.

Belgrade Daily Photo 10:57 AM  

I lived in San Francisco for several years.

Kengot 1:00 PM  

Great photos here!!

Webradio 4:00 PM  

Very pretty, but why "blue" ???

Have a good day !

Belgrade Daily Photo 4:45 PM  

Thank you for your comment, and...calibrate your monitor!!! Then you will know "why blue". :-)

tr3nta 7:15 PM  

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