Thursday, November 20, 2008

Tripod practice

I was out using a tripod again this eve trying to get some slow shutter speed pics. It sure would be nice to have a tripod with a level built into it. Sigh.


Wayne 8:27 PM  

At least we can straighten them with software now.

The photo turned out just fine. The scene is very tranquil.

Bibi 8:49 PM  

Lovely photo;water is so soft... You can use one of those levels that carpenters use, a small one of course, and just sit it on top of your camera's hot shoe. There are special ones that fit into your hot shoe, but unnecessarily pricey.

Check this link to see the expensive one and some other fun stuff:

Bibi 8:51 PM  

Ooops. Part of link was cut off. It is:

Bibi 7:45 AM  

It still appears cut-off...I'll email you.
---I see an eye...what happened to your little pup? :<0

photowannabe 8:28 AM  

Thank heavens for software that can fix things. I use it all the time. Crooked and me are "friends".
Nice picture with interesting lighting and tones. A very sleek ship at the dock.

Belgrade Daily Photo 11:38 AM  

Hi Bibi,
Your link came into my email just fine even though this comments pop-up window cuts it off (that's annoying, isn't it?).

Yup, unfortunately it was time for my little doggie user pic to move out of rotation. Now I have an eye whose lashes are catching a fly! (It's from the animated series Aeon Flux.) And maybe now people will be a tiny bit less likely to confuse us. I will miss the little puppy though.

Wayne and Photowannabe,
Editing software is great for straightening horizons, although the main way that I know how to do it involves cropping off the edges of the photo and I'd prefer to avoid that if I can. Thanks for commenting. :-)

Webradio 3:59 PM  

Nice photo, but a few dark...

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