Tuesday, December 02, 2008

old/new cliche

To see some incredible city photography (and post-processing) you've got to check out Poland's Andrzej Furs.


Bibi 6:36 PM  

Somehow....I prefer the old building, even if it does need a facelift. But this is a great photo! There are so many examples of this kind of contrast in Belgrade.

Bibi 6:38 PM  

Just checked out Andrzej Furs. I like the photos a lot,some more than others, even if they are tweaked.

Bibi 6:39 PM  

Forgive my third comment, but I forgot to say that I love the one modern apartment dweller's stab at individuality with his/her chandelier instead of a white bulb.

tr3nta 7:13 PM  

Great architectural photo... bravo...

Tash 8:53 AM  

the juxtaposition of the two is almost surrealistic - it looked like two pictures side-by-side. really excellent photo.
I also looked at Furs' photos - very dramatic - cannot look at many at once.

photowannabe 9:14 AM  

Love this mixture of the old and new. the textures and the whole feel is fascinating.

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