Wednesday, December 03, 2008

T is for Threes - ABC Wednesdays

Three men and three dogs in Tasmajdan Park. :)

Here's the link to the main ABC Wednesdays portal


Bibi 5:27 PM  

Oh, wow! That's a great shot! I'm sure it's in play, but am a bit worried about the little guy in the middle...tell me it's all right! I wonder if those are the dogs' owners, walking along unconcerned. Do you know?

Belgrade Daily Photo 6:07 PM  

Hi Bibi,
I probably should have filled in those blanks in my post but it is hard to know how a picture will appear to others! When I look at it now I can see it might look like Big Whitey is trying to take a bite out of the beagle! In actuality the dogs seemed to be quite happily playing and tumbling about, with the one in the middle as the instigator. Their owners were standing close by off to the right, keeping an eye on them. And the three men in the photo were just strolling by.

mrsnesbitt 6:47 PM  

Love the little guy in the middle!

Yep looks the instigator allright!

gogouci 6:59 PM  

Great shot. Expression on that middle dog is priceless.

Suz Broughton 2:12 AM  

Yes. Yes. Yes. Perfect shot! Love that middle dog!

Bear Naked 5:41 AM  

Don't they look TERRIFIC!!!

Bear((( )))

humanobserver 11:52 AM  

Incredible...You were lucky to capture them...

Snapper 6:31 PM  

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