Sunday, December 21, 2008

Old house with graffiti

This is from late November. Usually I might say it's a shame to have graffiti on such a charming old structure,
but in this case I think it works.

Did you know: the word graffiti came from the Italian word "graffiato," which means "scratched." Obviously
back when the word was coined there were no spraycans around.


Kasia K. 9:07 PM  

But the building is great...

Bibi 9:10 PM  

I think Happy Faces/Stick Figure Happies are "good" graffiti! This is a welcoming Happy!

mouse (aka kimy) 1:18 AM  

it works for me too

wonderful building

thanks for the history lesson on the root of graffiti...those of us who have wandered to really old places have seen some of the scratched graffiti!

mkhansen 5:26 AM  

I like that burst of greenery next to it, too. Seems to go along with it. And it's a great contrast to the old, old surface of the building.

Maki 12:31 PM  

I like the architecture... it must have been very grande in it's time.

babooshka 12:42 PM  

The roamsn were among the first graffit artist too. It is such a beautiful image you've captured.

Hyde DP 3:07 PM  

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