Monday, December 22, 2008

City of Ice - Ice Skating

I stopped to take some pictures as I was passing through Nikola Pasic square and I couldn't choose just one to share today. This is a temporary ice-skating rink that runs until January 18th, free if you bring your own skates, or 150 dinars (about $2.60) to rent a pair of skates for the day. It was funny to see the kids learning to skate, and to be reminded of what a harrowing experience that was (as seen on the face of the boy in the picture on the left).

How's this for a joke:
"While ice-skating, my friend had a nasty fall, sliding face-downward 20-feet across the ice. The rink doctor examined the large bruise on his forehead and said, "You should put some ice on that."

Monochrome Mondays


Clueless in boston 8:59 PM  

Nice. I like them in b&w. I'd be terrified too, the ice is awfully hard and cold.

Belgrade Daily Photo 10:27 PM  

test comment

michael bird 3:00 AM  

Cool pics and a joke to make one smile. Very enjoyable.

Anonymous 6:42 AM  

Oh I'm sure they are all enjoying themselves, even the kid learning to skate.

We have a few similar open air rinks here in Toronto. Many people also make some in their gardens by flooding the lawn! All in the name of winter fun.

Bibi 7:48 AM  

I never learned to skate and am sorry, so I just content myself with watching others enjoy themselves...and fall down!

Anonymous 8:34 AM  

Your lead picture is a suberb example of photoreportage. Focusing on that wonderful expression to the exclusion of the others - great.
Your other work is impressive also.
Welcome to the Mono Maniacs.

mkhansen 10:12 PM  

You really caught the life in these shots. And they're almost timeless in black and white. That joke though...

Joan 4:07 AM  

I envy people who can sail around on the ice like that. I always spent my time trying not to fall down. Lovely photos.

Anton 11:11 AM  

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