Tuesday, December 23, 2008

One of my favorite courtyards

I love this courtyard and try to imagine how it might have looked when it was first made. It looks like maybe there is one 'ring' that was meant to be a small pool. (???)


Maki 4:03 AM  

Love the courtyard...it seems familiar??? I wonder if I've ever had the pleasure to be there. Which part of the city is it in?


Bibi 8:24 AM  

Yes, there are so many courtyards that have fallen into disrepair. Downstairs there's a fountain that used to flow into a little man-made brook, which is now plugged shut and full of plastic bottles. Occasionally some neighbors and I clean it, but the next day...

Anonymous 10:45 AM  

I like the idea of flowers and perhaps a pool of water as a public display but like most public things that have to endure the love and hate relationships of communities, most fall into disrepair and are abandoned. It looks like maybe this is one of those. Someone should scatter a package of flower seed and see what happens next year.

Belgrade Daily Photo 11:33 AM  

Hi Branka,
It is behind the buildings at the corner of Beogradska and Krunska, in this photo I was looking towards Krunska with Beogradska on my right.

I would love to go back in time and see this place when it was first installed, although to me in this condition it has a kind of "Secret Garden" intrigue. Scattering a packet of seeds (or two) is a good idea.

Greg Dimitriadis 1:27 PM  

I have an award for you at my blog, just to say thanks for the beautiful and interesting pictures youĆ¹ve been posting! You do not have to acknowledge or pass on the award if you don't want to.

kenstepp 7:19 PM  

Where is this pic located ?
Ken Stepp

honza03 9:21 PM  

Your photo brings a lot of my childhood memories from courtyards :) But it looks like they end up the same way in Belgrade as they do in Prague - no one cares and no one goes there. And, I love your "Secret Garden" idea.

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