Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Wings - ABC Wednesdays

Here's a picture of a crow taking off from a tree branch. We don't have many squirrels in Belgrade (though you can find them in less populated areas of the city) but we have plenty of crows that I think do a good job providing a little comedy relief.
Some studies say that crows are as intelligent as primates. I've seen crows here dropping nuts from the top of streetlamps in hopes that the nut will break open on the pavement. Here's a segment from David Attenborough showing this and other behaviors(the best bit is towards the end!):

ABC Wednesdays


Anonymous 12:57 AM  

Lovely. Crows are very smart.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you and your family from me and Patty.

NYD 1:45 AM  

Thanks for visiting my place.

Crows are indeed intelligent. They not only crack nuts but they wait for garbage trucks to stop at red light s then swoop down on them and grab a snack.

You have many cool snapshots here.I will come back to see what you are up to.

Happy holidays!

Anonymous 8:36 AM  

You have the same species crow as us - the Hooded Crow. I was more familiar with the Black Crow until moving to Ireland.
Have a good day.

Bibi 9:17 AM  

They're smart, all right, and very protective of their young, like most wild creatures. Sometimes overly-protective, since poor Bibi has been dive-bombed a couple of times (and hit!) by a mother crow that thinks she's a bit too close to Junior....even though neither she nor I have noticed him until the "bombing.) Nice shot!

Squishy 3:48 PM  

Well, I guess nobody else is gonna say it so I have to... That's nuts. :P

Anonymous 4:24 PM  

I was thrilled to see crows in Stanley Park, Vancouver taking muscles off the rocks, flying high, then dropping them onto the sidewalk, which worked. It was also great to watch mothers teaching young to do the same.
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