Thursday, December 25, 2008

Happy Holidays

We had some snow today, you can see it here on Beogradska (that's the name of the street).
I've been messing around with the size of the pics I upload to try for faster loading times but I think it's starting to look too pixel-y. :-(


Bibi 5:15 PM  

Ha! This little Christmasy-red Yugo actually looks like it's being driven on the street....but there's no driver, so I guess it's parked! Eye-catching.

Yes, I tried once or twice to upload a smaller version of a photo, but it didn't look good.

Do you want more snow?

Belgrade Daily Photo 5:48 PM  

Haha, yes, tram moving, car parked. Hm...I guess I wouldn't mind a bit more snow, as long as no ice comes along with it. :)

mind 7:20 PM  

Ha? :)
In Ukraine we already have 15cm+ of snow and it is expected that it will snow all the Friday.
Today I spent twice more time to get to work. Though it is more like real winter in comparison to previous 10-15 years when at this time of year it used to be either worm (+50 or so) or had wet snow. Global worming... :(
I remember as 20 years ago I could hardly go to scool - it was like Siberia (do not wonna get there:) ), and I was a little boy then... :)

Bibi 12:12 AM  

Just noticed when I checked the photos on the portal that you framed the Yugo between the two cherries! Intentional or accidental, it's nice!

We both had a red object as the main focal point today!

NYD 1:54 AM  

We get lots of snow and I love going out to find moments like the one you captured.

The snow lookslike powdered sugar

Maki 4:46 AM  

Love the contrast.. didn't know the street cars came in white these days. I'm only used to them in red or green. With some streets being re-named I feel like such a stranger in the city I grew up in...

Thank you for the posts.

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