Saturday, January 17, 2009

Breakfast is on its way - Camera Critters

This group of cats was waiting impatiently for their morning feeding. After I took this photo an elderly lady arrived pulling a little cart and saying, "Come to breakfast!" (There were actually about 10 cats there!)

Camera Critters


Bibi 8:48 PM  

What a sexy pose that one cat strikes! These three look well fed; not sure about the other seven. Very cute photo.

Mimi 10:09 PM  

I'm so glad someone came along to feed them!

Greyscale Territory 10:21 PM  

Amazing photo! And that one cat with a paw on the tree is so dramatically watching the world! Love your story behind the photo!

Bruce 10:36 PM  

Oh!!! Such pretty kitties:)

Greg Dimitriadis 11:00 PM  

Super beautiful photo!

Fio 11:07 PM  

Cute, cute, cute!

Sandra 11:29 PM  

Beautyfil,thank you.

Babooshka 2:40 AM  

That's a fabulous feline pose. Love this image.

Grammy 3:12 AM  

Oh I love it. Great photo. You know how you were speaking of the m m on the cats head. Reba let me take a good photo of here today and I noticed she has the mm too. Thanks for opening my eyes to this.
Have a wonderful week

vero 12:05 PM  

The brown cat is very very nice. I love cats

Saretta 6:06 PM  

That cat "standing up" is adorable!

Anna 1:23 AM  

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